The Re-Introduction of Nature Clean Products to Bermuda

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Hi Group of Companies, LLC announces the collaboration between BGA in
conjunction with Marketplace Limited have now re-introduced the Nature
Clean Natural Products to Bermuda.  The deal was brokered by HI Group Chairman of the Board Mr. Charles O’Brien, CHA, with his intuitiveness and vision negotiating and facilitating this deal resulting in the products being made available throughout your favorite Marketplace store locations.  

Nature Clean Products have been in Bermuda for the last 15 years; these
products are now being introduced with new labeling, packaging and ingredients
- and the Nature Clean products are beneficial for everyone in Bermuda!

*    Non-toxic and Environmentally friendly
*    Dermatologist and allergy tested
*    Safe for children of all ages
*    Our formula is made from 99.9% natural ingredients, from plants and minerals
*     Septic tank and grey water safe
*     Key products for people especially suffering with Asthma, Allergies, Eczema,
Emphysema and Respiratory Challenges

The Nature Clean products are highly recommended throughout Canada and around the world.  These products have now been introduced back at Marketplace Stores at a lower price, which will benefit everyone in Bermuda 
Ms. Jenefer Brimmer, President of the Bermuda Asthma 'N Allergy Support Group
Charity welcomes the bold move of the re-introduction of such a valuable product
– taking us 3 years to locate and source it. Know that these products are beneficial to newborns and persons suffering from eczema, asthma and respiratory conditions. We are glad to see Marketplace and BGA on board with this initiative contributing and playing their role to make Bermuda a much more environmentally friendly Island.

Lastly, we at HI Group would like to thank both Mr. Vernon Hassell, VP of Purchasing and Procurement and Mr. Seth Stutzman, President at the Marketplace; along with Mr. Mark Finnigan, VP, Sales at BGA for taking this plunge in the right direction to provide better pricing and an environmentally safe product back to the Island of Bermuda.

Visit the Marketplace locations for your Nature Clean Products today! Or visit their
website for convenient online ordering and delivery.

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