ESKA Natural Spring Water in NEW 100% recycled plastic bottles now available in stores

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Bermy Distributors & ESKA Natural Spring Water announce that its new rPET bottles made of 100% recycled plastic are now available in stores. Sourced from Quebec’s Blue Box and other municipal recycling systems that are in themselves, 100% recyclable, the new rPET bottle demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to ending the creation of first use plastic bottles and helping to support Canada’s circular economy.


Using rPET provides a new life for used plastic, eliminates the manufacturing of new virgin plastic and highlights the importance of creating a closed-loop system of recycling and reusing plastic.


“At ESKA, the preservation and protection of the environment is a core value”, declares Michel McArthur, Chief Operating Officer at ESKA. “As members of the Quebec and broader Canadian community, we seek to do our part in helping to reduce waste, use natural resources more efficiently and support a sustainable future”.


This product news is highlighted with new packaging.


Crafted by the source

Harvested from a source protected by glacial rocks, ESKA water has been filtered by nature for more than 15 years. Ancient Canadian soils have developed a natural filtration system that extracts impurities to give ESKA a signature crisp cold, fresh, taste, enriched with the health benefits of natural lands.  In fact, ESKA water is so naturally pure that it goes from source to table, with virtually no human intervention where nothing is added and nothing is removed.

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