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Over the past 19 days Ms. Jenefer Brimmer, spokesperson for Bermy Distributors
has donated over 300 cases at a value over $15,000.00 of the Glow Energy and the
Hydration Natural beverages to various organizations throughout the island - in the
hopes of offering some relief in nourishing those who are experiencing some
difficulties since the Corvid-19 Virus erupted.

The cases of beverages that have been donated thus far are: The Salvation Army
Homeless Center; Hamilton Focus Counselling Services; St. David's Southside
Family Shelter Facility; St. David's Southside Men's Shelter Facility; and The
Emergency Center at the Berkeley Institute (now CedarBridge).

Also on April 8, 2020, we organized a delivery of over 100 cases of the Glow Energy
and the Electrolyte Hydration beverages to the Bermuda Regiment at the Warwick
Camp for distribution to the brave men and women who are on the front line.

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