Reusable Paper Towels - 6 Pack

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  • Made from wood pulp and 100% biodegradable in active microbial soil within 12 weeks.
  • Machine washable - up to 300 times.
  • Dishwasher safe - top drawer.
  • 1 towel equals up to 15 rolls of paper towels.
  • Absorbs 20 x its weight.
  • Can sterilize by boiling in water.
  • Comes in a handy re-sealable bag.

What?           The OriginalTM 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper TowelsTM are made from the same type of cellulose fibres that are used to make paper towels, but with a big difference. They are 100% biodegradable, reusable and machine washable.

To avoid the problem of cross-contamination of germs, they come in 3 task oriented colours: Blue - All Purpose, Yellow – Kitchen and Green - Tub & Tile.

Why?          Retail stores carry eco-friendly cleansers, but do not usually have natural cleaning applicators to apply those cleansers. It begs the question, what are consumers using? What sales opportunity is your store missing?