Refrasia Sanitizer - Gallon (case of 4 bottles)

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Highlights CheckmarkIncludes (1) Pump in Each Case
Highlights CheckmarkFDA Approved
Highlights CheckmarkExceeds CDC Guidelines
Highlights CheckmarkKills 99% of All Germs Instantly

Combat Covid-19 with Refrasia Care Hand Sanitizer to stay Healthy, feel Fresh and be Clean... Instantly!! Kill 99.9% of germs with a simple push of a pump. With Refrasia Care Hand Sanitizer, advanced antibacterial properties come from alcohol content that meets the CDC Guidelines for any virus or germ that may arrive. Made with 70% alcohol, Refrasia provides a better clean from a quick-absorbing gel that dries 1/3 faster than the leading hand sanitizer and leaves an amazingly smooth and fully moisturized sensation in your hands! Keep up with the demands of your busy lifestyle while staying clean, healthy and confident that you are fighting every germ that might infiltrate your daily lifestyle.