Naturally Inclined About Us

In April 2018, Bermy Distributors embarked on a quest to invest in market research and development of drinks that are of Zero and Low sugar content. This action by Bermy Distributors came to fruition as a direct response to the Governments’ implementation of its Sugar Tax initiative.

The establishment of Bermy’s Naturally Inclined division to complement the Governments’ mandate implied a need to hire a consultant with skills and expertise in promotion, research and entrepreneurship. As a result, Bermy Distributors acquired the services of the unique mother-daughter duo, Anjula Bean and Ashley Gardener. With Ms. Gardener being the Managing Consultant.

Anjula Bean and Ashley Gardener are no stranger to entrepreneurship and brings a wealth of experience derived from their owning and managing the popular coffee shop on Front Street, before moving to Court Street. The Managing Director stated,

“Having Juice n Beans was a wonderful introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. We both learned a lot, about business, ourselves, and built a great number of relationships with customers and vendors over the years. We are honoured and grateful for the support the community has shown us over the years.”